Letter from the Australian Government Department of Health

Dear Chiropractic Practitioners

I am writing to update you on the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Australia and internationally and to outline the Commonwealth’s current and future support for the central role you are playing in our national response.

Allied health professionals are fundamental in meeting community needs in this evolving and complex challenge. We need to look at ways to continue the essential services you provide for vulnerable people. I thank you for your efforts so far in helping to contain the spread of this disease, and the well-being of your clients, and encourage you to maintain your vigilance in seeking to prevent its further transmission. Infections are increasing across Australia, placing a significant burden on the health and aged care systems.

In response to this directive : In order to continue our essential services we have implemented the following protocols to safely achieve this goal 

1. Our cleaning protocols now include all surfaces in the clinic rooms and reception between each and every patient
2. We are cleaning our hands thoroughly before and after each patient as well as wearing face masks to ensure no patient to patient transfer 
3. On presentation to the clinic you will be shown straight into a room with no waiting or if a room is not available then you can either wait in your car or outside with social distance to ensure social distancing guidelines 
4. Please wash your hands in our facilities or using your hand sanitizer on arrival and before leaving the clinic