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Brandon is a highly skilled massage therapist who is passionate about the function and healing of the body. He has also worked and studied as a fitness instructor.

An added string to his bow is his certified studies in dry needling and its full therapeutic benefits as well as hot stone massage..

Brandon also is superb with Reiki and crystal healing.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits You;ll Be Delighted to Know
Imagine laying on a massage table, letting your stress and anxieties melt away
as your muscles are therapeutically massaged with basalt hot stones. A regular
deep tissue massage is incredibly relaxing, but the addition of hot stones makes
hot stone massage therapy increasingly popular.
We use a combination of massage techniques together with hot stone massage.
The premise behind this is that the direct heat of the stones relaxes soft tissue
and deeper muscle layers. Combining hot stone protocols with a full body
massage provides a very healing and effective experience.
The 10 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
Here are many benefits of hot stone massage that will convince you to get one as
soon as possible:
1. Boosts Immunity
Hot stone massage can give your immune system a boost. A study conducted by
researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles found out that people
who had a 45-minute massage showed an increased number of lymphocytes. These
are white blood cells that are vital in defending the body from different diseases.
2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Massage has a powerful impact when it comes to our mental health, and hot stone
massage is no exception. Feeling anxious is becoming common for many people.
Having a hot stone massage is a good idea if you want to reduce stress and anxiety.
3. Relieves Muscle Tension and Pain
The release of toxins will result in muscle tension and pain relief. Heated stones
placed on your body have proven to ease muscle tension and pain. It can reduce
muscle spasms and improve your flexibility. If your body is longing for a treatment
that will eliminate pain and stiff muscles, having a hot stone massage is one of the
best things you can do.
4. Promotes Better Sleep
Another hot stone massage benefit is improving your quality of sleep. If you are one
of those people who are having a hard time sleeping, you might want to consider
having this type of massage therapy. Everyone needs this because we want to wake
up from a satisfying sleep with an energised feeling. Consequently, studies showed
that this massage technique has helped improve sleep in insomnia patients.

5. Activates Productivity
Massages, in general, can give your immune system the boost it needs. The use of
hot stones and massage is one of the best combinations you can ask for. After the
treatment, you’ll feel the tension piled up on certain parts of your body fading away.
The better feeling you have the next day will result in increased productivity. You will
be more active at home and work.
6. Releases Toxins and Assists Body in Self-healing
Life can be busy. Sometimes, we find that our body is suffering because of too much
work. All the extra weight of our to-do list when we wake up in the morning is usually
taken for granted. That’s a sign that you need a hot stone massage. This type of
massage is deeply detoxifying and profoundly relaxing, releasing toxins from your
muscles. Moreover, this therapy will assist your body in self-healing.
7.Encourages Blood Circulation and Energy Flow
Hot stones can expand blood vessels, which improves the blood flow throughout the
body. If you are having a problem with blood circulation, one of the best treatments
to get is a hot stone massage.
8. Improves Flexibility
Not all people are born flexible. Others may have developed their flexibility because
of their lifestyle. If you are aiming to have an improvement in that department and
feel fantastic at the same time, then a hot stone massage is what you need. During
the treatment, heated stones are strategically placed onto the body. They aid in
improving your mobility around the joints, thus resulting in better flexibility.
9. Aids in Faster Injury Recoveries
In general, massage is known to help blood circulation. What makes a hot stone
massage more beneficial is because of the heat involved, which allows the blood
vessels to expand. Because of this, oxygen can get to your muscles quickly,
resulting in additional toxins to move out of your bloodstream. This process that
happens inside our body because of the treatment will help any kind of muscle injury
to heal faster.
10. Helps to create a sense of comfort and warmth
As the weather gets colder, the incredible deep penetrating sense of comfort and
warmth from the hot stones will create a deeply relaxing and comforting experience –
helping you get through those colder days.

All the benefits of hot stone massage will re-energise and rejuvenate the body, mind,
and spirit. Hot stone therapy can add an extra touch to getting the most out of
your massage.
When you book a Hot Stone massage at Powers Health for the month of May, you
can receive 60% Off a personalised biofeedback scan. Choose from:
 Food Scan
 Immunity Scan or
 the Balance Wellness Scan.

Balance wellness scan or Immunity scan for only $18.60 (normally $31)
Food scan for only $13.80 (normally $23)
60 minute hot stone massage $100
90 minute hot stone massage $140

The Food Scan
Nutrition is all about getting the right food in the right amounts at the right times. However,
no single nutritional plan will be optimal for every person because we are all unique and have
different needs. Concepts such as bio-individuality and intuitive eating further explain why a
nutritional plan should fit the individual and not the other way around.
Like these increasingly popular ways of looking at our diets, the ZYTO Foods scan takes
your uniqueness into consideration to help guide you to make the best nutritional decisions.
The ZYTO cradle is a highly accurate and dynamic wellness screening tool.
1. Scan foods as balancers
The Foods bio survey scans foods as balancers. This fits with the philosophy of the ancient
Greek physician Hippocrates, who said, Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy
By scanning food signatures as balancers, you can observe what foods are most preferable
simply by looking at their DR value. The higher the positive value, the more biologically
coherent your body is with that food item. When we look at food in this way, our attitude
towards our meal plans tends to become more positive as opposed to focusing on what we
can’t eat.
2. Scan for more than 450 foods
The Foods Biosurvey scans for more than 450 food Virtual Items in key categories. The
range of foods across these categories creates more opportunities for increasing diversity in
your nutritional plans:

 Beans and Legumes
 Dairy & Eggs
 Fats & Oils
 Fish & Seafood
 Fruits
 Grains
 Meats & Poultry
 Miscellaneous Foods
 Nuts & Seeds
 Spices & Seasonings
 Sugars and Sweeteners
 Vegetables
5. Get key insights from robust reports
The Foods for Wellness scan includes your top 5 foods in each categoryfollowed by a list of
your top non-coherent food items.
6. Use as a shopping list
Your Foods Biosurvey report can be used as a shopping list. For example, you can take your
top food, or top few foods, from each category and incorporate them into your nutritional
plan. Additionally, you can refer to your least coherent items as foods you may want to avoid
when shopping.
The scan includes a 25 minutes Wellness Session

Balance Wellness Scan
Knowledge is a very powerful tool. It can end your confusion, identify bad habits, or the
unknowns. The right knowledge can help you start a greater, more positive, confident
lifestyle with the certainty that there will be a betterment in your wellness and health.
The Balance Wellness Scan is a highly accurate and dynamic wellness screening tool. We
will scan to determine your biological coherence. The 4 systems that will be scanned are:
The Detoxification System
The Gastrointestinal System
The Hormonal/Endocrine System
The Immune System
With your scan results, we will be identifying key biomarker areas where you may need
additional support. We will evaluate your scan result, review your questionnaire responses
and tailor a protocol focused on addressing those biomarkers that may be out of normal
range. with the goal of bringing all systems to healthy levels. When you know better… You
CAN do better!

o The Consultation includes a 25 minutes Wellness Session

o supplements and/or essential oils recommendation
o Tailored protocol

The Immunity Scan
The Immunity Biosurvey scans for 198 items in the 6 foundational categories of immunity:
 Gastrointestinal System
 Immune System
 Lymphatic System
 Respiratory System
 Mental/Emotional Stress
 Sleep
Along with scanning these areas, several secondary stressor virtual items related to immunity
are also scanned, including viruses, air pollutants, and herbicides. Scanning organ, emotion,
environmental stressor, and other virtual items in these categories will help you determine
which areas of immunity may need the most support.
At least 80 illnesses are caused by immune system problems. They can all cause
inflammation, but do you know the other warnings? Here are some of them:
 Cold Hands
 Constipations
 Dry Eyes
 Fatigue
 Mild Fever
 Headache
 Rash
 Joint Ache
 Patched Hair Loss
 Repetitive Inflections
 Sun Sensitivity
 Tingly or Numbness in Hands and Feet
 Trouble Swallowing
 Unexplained Weight Change
 White Patches
 Yellowing of the skin or eyes
 Many others
From pathogens and toxins to the emotional stress of modern life, our immune systems face
many challenges in today’s environment. With a specifically tailored protocol you will have
the right road map on your journey to a healthier and happier you.


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We give to you caring intuitive but professional massage.

Comprehensive Healing

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Reiki and Crystral Therapy

Using the energy field of the hands to move and balance the energy flow in the body. It has to be experienced to appreciate.