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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a distinct and complete system of Natural health care.

Naturopathy is the general practice of natural therapies. It emphasizes prevention, treatment, and promotion of optimal health through therapeutic modalities which encourage the self-healing process of the body.

Formalized in the 19th century by the hydrotherapy and nature cure movement in Austria and Germany, Naturopathy was introduced to Australia at the turn of the 20th century. It became popular since the 1970s due to social and cultural change characterized by the post-modern philosophy, as well as government policies highlighting individual responsibility and freedom of choice.

Naturopathy is one of the most popular forms of complementary medicine in Australia today with Naturopaths received 4.9 million consultations annually. Naturopathic consultations are sought for a variety of conditions and, in some areas, as a form of primary care, especially by middle-aged women who have a higher education level and a higher annual income. T.

Australian naturopaths, as a predominantly female profession, work mainly in private clinical practice utilising nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, being the most common modalities used.

The goal of Naturopathic medicine is to treat the whole person — that means mind, body, and spirit. It also aims to heal the root causes of an illness — not just stop the symptoms.

There are Six foundational principles underpin the practice of naturopathy: Naturopaths recongise and utilise The healing power of nature (Vis Medicatrix Naturae), Naturopath First do no harm, They Find and treat the cause whenever possible, not only the symptoms (Tolle Causum), also they Treat the whole person, Education and Prevention. These six principles are kept in mind when a naturopath takes your case, develops a treatment plan and also offers maintenance for long term good health.

Naturopathy is both an art and a science.  Naturopaths are prevention medicine specialists. Today naturopaths use scientific evidence as well as traditional evidence in practice.

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