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Shockwave Therapy –
Efficient treatment & faster results in chronic conditions

Shockwaves are acoustic, high-energy sound waves that are used for medical application.

Radial Shockwave therapy is the ideal treatment method for chronic muscle and tendon conditions. The benefits are a quicker recovery, pain reduction and the breakdown of calcification.
Radial shockwave therapy is the perfect treatment method for all chronic and complex musculoskeletal conditions. The reason why we invested in this therapy is based on following effects:

Pain reduction by depletion of substance P and the hyper stimulation of pain sensors

Regeneration of affected tissue:

  • Improved blood perfusion and new vascularization
  • Increases in growth factors
  • Increases in mesenchymal stem cells
  • Stimulation of the metabolismMechanical effects:

• Breakdown of calcifications and fibroses

Success rate of 80%:

  • 6 to 8 treatment sessions needed on average
  • Realistic alternative to surgery


We can treat following indications:
▶ Chronic tendinopathies and enthesopathies:

Epicondylosis(tennis elbow), plantar fasciopathy and heel spurs, rotator cuff tendinopathy (with calcification), etc.

▶ Myofascial pain syndrome:
Low back pain, neck pain, ‘trigger points’, tension headaches, etc.

▶ Sports indications:
Proximal hamstring tendinopathy, adductor tendinopathy, peroneal tendinopathy. Medial tibial stress syndrome, ‘Jumper’s knee’, Osgood-Schlatter, etc.


▶ Muscular disorders:
Muscle pain, hypertonia, spasms, cramps, muscle hardening, fibrosis, etc.

And also:

Dupuytren’s contracture, Ledderhose disease, acupuncture points, metatarsalgia, etc.

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